Piggy-Back Blogging on Podcasts in Education!

One’s blogger’s momentary lack of inspiration leads him to an inspiring blog, which, in turn, inspires me to finally do another blog entry!

This morning I prioritized time to read Matt Miller’s Blog, Ditch that Textbook.

His blog entry first caught my eye because it said he was feeling a bit uninspired to write a blog entry!  Why on earth would that catch my attention?  It made me think of how much attention my 5th graders pay when the technology goes awry, compared to when, say, I am giving directions!  I have many compassionate thoughts about this, from their sense of humor to a desire to be problem solvers, as well as other thoughts. 

Matt Miller’s blog post, Learn on the Go: The Essential Educator’s Guide to Podcasts ended up being an inspired entry on podcasts, which I find integral to staying inspired in education.  I was grateful for this Ditch that Textbook blog entry and responded to Matt Miller with this comment:

Howdy Matt,

Well, I am very grateful that you had an uninspired moment that led you to this blogpost!  I am always on the lookout for new education podcast and was delighted to have your list.  I immediately subscribed to all of these, adding them to a few of my actively listened to podcasts:

TeacherCast with Jeff Bradbury 

Every Classroom Matters with Cool Cat Teacher

•Tech Chick Tips

I was looking for an updated podcast by Steve Hargadon, as he does fabulous education interviews, but I am not find one, any ideas?

Also, you may have done this in the past (I need to look at your past posts), but if you get inspired by podcasts again, I would like your thoughts on Podcasts that are good for students.  I have Fifth Graders. Our current favorites are:

60 Second Science (and all the companion 60 Second podcasts from Scientific American)

Minute Physics (Which is fascinating even if often over our heads!)

CNN Student News (A bit intense and we really miss the BBC news for kids)

Question of the Week, From the Naked Scientists

Grammar Girl (Most are a bit in depth for a 5th grade focus, but certain ones are good.)

Matt’s blog entry, Learn on the Go: The Essential Educator’s Guide to Podcasts  shared how to access podcasts and how to find podcasts, which included great podcast resources like the BAM radio network, educators channel. Matt even gave a list of recommended podcasts for educators:

  • The Google Educast — Tips, tricks, news and ideas for using Google in the classroom.
  • House of EdTech — Host Chris Nesi interviews educators and offers recommendations for technology in the classroom.
  • Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers — Angela speaks life, encouragement and truth into the minds and hearts of educators.
  • Cult of Pedagogy — Host Jennifer Gonzalez discusses the psychological and social dynamics of school, trade secrets and more.
  • Principally Speaking — Jason Bodnar (a friend and fellow Hoosier) encourages and equips school administrators, especially those new to leading schools.
  • TechEducator Podcast — Hosts (which include TeacherCast founder Jeff Bradbury and a host of others) interview and discuss integrating technology in the classroom.
  • Bedley Brothers — Scott and Tim Bedley interview a wide range of educators and discuss issues that affect teachers every day.
  • The EPT Podcast — Host Adnan Iftekhar discusses education, productivity and technology with guests.
  • Edu All-Stars — Hosts Chris Kesler and Todd Nesloney interview the movers and shakers in the education realm.
  • Wired Educator — Host Kelly Croy focuses on education, technology and lifestyle in interviews with various educators.
  • Teacher Talk — Zack Clancy focuses on a different educational topic in each episode and interviews influencers in that area.

Thank you Ditch that Textbook!

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