So Many Opportunities, So Little Time.

Recently, while complaining that I need more time with my students, a colleague and friend suggested that perhaps I am getting too excited with all my ed tech exposure and need to be less innovative in the classroom. She, of course, meant this as an advocate for my sanity and, I suspect, with a thought for the sanity of my students and colleagues as well!

And yet, should I not have given students the opportunity to be part of Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) through which many students discovered they were writers, where they were invited to write, write, write, and keep writing?

Should we have not been part of Rock Our World, where we learned how to make songs with others, talk to students around the world; where we built relationships and skills that continue to enable us to make specific and relevant connections at least once a week?

Should we not do The Stock Market Game which takes a real system that allows them to apply math skills and concepts, that is exciting, and also gives them a way to talk to their parents about issues of economy?

Do I not take the time to stumble around with new (new to me and/or to students) ways to learn and reflect, like Google Apps for Education for digital portfolios, collaborative documents, surveys, blogs, and more; or web-based screen captures like Screen-Cast-O-Matic that are a way for students to voice over geographical journeys on Google Earth?

I want to do it all and more! It is greedy I know, but I will never have these very students in Fifth Grade again and I can’t stand the thought of not giving them these opportunities!

Yet, there is great deal of set curriculum that is very important to schooling goals and for which I am responsible. I do not want students to feel stressed by unrealistic goals. What to do? What to do?


-Set priorities for depth

-Be more thoughtful about integration

-I need to remember that I may be their only Fifth Grade teacher,

but I am not their last teacher by many, many years! 🙂

Meanwhile, I will keep being inspired and insane!

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