PUJ- Pre/Post Unit Jitters

I was chatting with a colleague today and mentioned that I find myself being anxious at the start of a curricular unit and at the end.  This is a very unhelpful tendency as it can delay the start and end of a unit in an already stressed time frame.  Why does this happen?


-Every subject is interconnected with endless opportunity and I am struggling to identify and commit to the most salient path.

-I can’t seem to stick with the same unit plan each year.  The potentially productive reasons for this are: the individuals I teach are different each year; content and tools evolve over time and may open up new learning opportunities; and it keeps a subject fresh and alive. The rather unproductive reasons for this are that I often have a hard time setting aside time to record my curricular journey with with enough detail to comfortably reuse it; when I do track my unit well I struggle to review and stick with previous plans, as I always feel it could be better… if I just tweaked. 

-I want to be sure the content is assimilated and that I have done appropriate assessments and attending to understanding before we end the unit, yet the content engagement, processing, and learning vary between individuals.  Assessing can be so overwhelming.  I don’t want to limit students’ work and creativity to what I can handle reviewing thoughtfully and yet it is my responsibility to review assignments and provide feedback.

What to do, what to do!

-Make a more cohesive unit plan and identify areas to tweak in the future.

-Go for it!

-Don’t be afraid to end it!

-I have conflicting thoughts on the assessment and assignment issue…


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